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Gaston Boats

We are proud to present our "Gaston"range of boats. Usine Andre-Lacoste cc is a family business, specialising in the manufacture of aluminium boats. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and export into the African continent and beyond.

The "Gaston" range of boats comprise the aluminium River-Cruizer Pontoon Boats, Skiffs and Punts, Semi-Rigids and Full Inflatables. All our boats are designed to be transported in a sealed container or by truck, making the delivery cost-effective and secure. Some on-site assembly may therefore be required.

We can, to some degree, customize our boats, particularly our pontoon boats, to suit your requirements, and have added moon-pools, cranes, vehicle ramps. upper decks, play-slides and even stereo-systems. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will take the time to look at your specs and we will ALWAYS reply.

We have been exporting boats into Africa since 2002.


We use Marine Grade Aluminium,

Crystal Argon,

CNC cut components,

and keep up to date with the latest regulations from SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority)

We use baffles on all our pontoons, and approved buoyancy foam or bottles where required.


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