Gaston Inflatable Boats

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Full inflatables or semi-rigids, our boats are made heavy duty for work applications.

Not pretty, but pretty tough!

Extra ribbing, "rhino" linning, extra rubstrakes, ply covered grp floors, welded seams,

over-pressure valves, all come as standard, to make our boats suitable for most

commercial applications.

Semi-Rigids 4.20m

Full Inflatables, extra wide for stability, extra large tubes for carrying capacity.

Wide ribbing all-round for extra protection.

2.90m full inflatable, designed to be rolled up and carried in a bakiie, 4x4 or trailer.

Purpose built for the off-road camping enthusiast who also likes to go out on the water.

Can be oared, paddled, electric motor or small outboard.

Semi-rigid interior

With or without console